Ride the train! Slippery Sliding Super fun! Come join us on the Disney Princess or Shrek for bouncing, jumping and laughing! Come join Shrek for bouncing, jumping and laughing! You'll be rushing to do this one again and again! Our newest exciting ride that is lots of dizzy fun!

The Berry-Go-Round at www.cartersrides.com MindWinder
60 Ft. Diameter
Can ride up to 16 children at a time or 8 children and 8 adults. Each tub can hold up to 400 lbs. Each tub can be spun by the riders as the ride swings you out at up to 15 rpms.

This ride is great for the large events such as schools, churches and company parties.
It has light so those nighttime parties will love it.

Needs 220v 40 amp service.

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