Ride the train! Slippery Sliding Super fun! Come join us on the Disney Princess or Shrek for bouncing, jumping and laughing! Come join Shrek for bouncing, jumping and laughing! You'll be rushing to do this one again and again! Our newest exciting ride that is lots of dizzy fun!

Obstacle Courses
In out around and up.
The latest in non stop go-go-fun!

Wild One Rollercoaster
Our latest and greatest obstacle challenge mirrors the excitement of a real rollercoaster which is the featured ride at any amusement park. Experience the twisting turns, climbing the mountains and zipping down the other side. This ride is a SCREAM!  Excitement abounds! 
Occupancy: 8 Operators: 1
Length: 58' Width: 25'
Height 21' Weight: 1470.00 lbs

Wacky World Obstical Course

It's a Wacky World, especially in this fun-filled adventure! Run, climb, crawl, hopscotch, slide, jump, dodge, squeeze and twist yourself wacky. Wacky World™ incorporates both a hopscotch and twister style surface for kids to play. Excitement abounds!
Occupancy: 8 Operators: 1
Length: 28' / Width: 29' Shipping Bags: 1
Height 12' Weight: 647 lbs.


Adrenaline Rush II

Size: 40' deep, 27' wide, and 16'tall
Age Group: 8 years old and over
Number of Participants per hour: 240 participants per hour (4 racers every minute)

About the Unit: This is 80 feet of fun for each person racing through the adrenaline Rush. Great for team competition, have a relay race to see what team can Rush through the fastest.
Rules: Posted on the unit, always slide down feet first, stay on your course and only go one direction. Go through obstacles as instructed. Supervised by three operators.
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